Efficient and experienced managerial staff has the greatest impact on low employee rotation. There is a reason behind the saying that "a man comes to work for a company and leaves his superior".

It depends on the manager's competences to a large extent whether the employee has a feeling that he/she is learning, developing and taking on new challenges, feels that he/she is part of the team. It is the boss who should create a positive atmosphere in the team.

A well-prepared managerial staff is therefore one of the pillars of limiting employee turnover, and thus the costs associated with the recruitment and implementation of a new employee. The manager's competence will also determine to a large extent the involvement and level of motivation of employees. 

How well do managers in your company know how to manage to create such a work environment for their employees?

The WTTA team knows how to work with managers to develop their competences. We are happy to help you.


Today, the words "effective management" take on a different meaning and require specific competences. That is why we take a systemic approach to training managers. We always start by examining the situation and defining the business goals of the training. On this basis, a "tailor-made" training is created to provide practical solutions.


We have conducted nearly 8,000 training hours so far. We have worked with middle and senior management of small, medium and large enterprises.


Managerial training conducted by WTTA trainers concerned, among others:



  • team management and leadership

  • implementing changes in the organization

  • motivating and communicating with the team

  • setting and delegating goals

  • matching management style to the team

  • management by coaching

  • the personal effectiveness of the manager

  • employee development management

  • coaching on the job

  • mentoring

  • managing an age-diverse team ...



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Taking care of high effectiveness of development activities, we support the managerial staff through coaching sessions. Coaching may complement managerial training and support the implementation of specific competence areas. It can also constitute a separate course of development of a manager and concern strongly individualized needs. The specificity of coaching is based on its individual approach to each client, full "tailoring to measure" according to his needs


When a manager needs coaching?


When the trust in the manager and his credibility among employees decrease, and above all in the following situations:



When the trust in the manager and his credibility among employees decrease, and in the following situations:


  • lack of sufficient leadership and interpersonal skills to meet the organisation's expectations

  • failure to create a team

  • morale problems for employees in the organization

  • lack of feedback on actions taken

  • the need to ensure that the actions taken are effective and adequate

  • need for improvement / continuous development ...

Coaches working with WTTA are people with coaching competences at the PCC and MCC level (according to the International Coach Federation), working according to the highest coaching standards, business practitioners and experienced managers.


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