Our activities are based on business objectives that the client wants to achieve. We start each project from defining Client's business objectives, which will be supported by our actions.

The permanent core of the WTTA Team are: Andrzej Stawski - our master of process efficiency and analytical view of "hard data" and
Agnieszka Dzienisiewicz - a fascinator of team relations, our expert "on people and soft areas" in the company. Their cooperation guarantees a comprehensive look at the efficiency of processes, team performance and the effectiveness of managerial staff.

We will look with "heart and mind" to help you implement the necessary changes in your company.

Andrzej Stawski
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For over 15 years associated with production in various industries sectors -  from medicine to automation. During this time, more than 11 years active in the evaluation and development of companies in Europe, including Turkey, Russia and Tunisia. Responsible for improving the efficiency of companies based on Lean Manufacturing tools, as well as meeting environmental, health and safety, social requirements and quality assurance requirements. Andrzej implements efficiency, improvement and sustainable development programmes. He is the leading auditor of the ISO 9001 system.

Practician of optimal use of company resources. Consultant to the management in terms of effective management of production and service processes. 

Andrzej specializes in:

  • risk and weak points mapping in processes,

  • optimization, improvement and design of production and office processes, supporting the implementation of the company's strategy and goals,

  • preparation and implementation of audits of production, management, occupational health and safety and environmental topics,

  • supporting correction processes,

  • control / verification of products from DIY sector.


Master's degree in engineering, graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).


Andrzej has cooperated, among others, with companies such as: Kingfisher, CASTORAMA, ABB, Willson & Brown, Bydgoskie Fabryki Mebli, 10x, LMP, HIT, PUT, COBRABID.

Agnieszka Dzienisiewicz

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Agnieszka cooperates with business in the areas of: building cooperation and efficiency in teams, managerial effectiveness and effectiveness of processes related to human resource management (including planning business-effective training, changing customer service standards, developing managerial skills, conducting periodic reviews, recruitment, planning paths of succession and talent development).


More then 16 years of experience in implementing training and development projects as a trainer and manager-trainer (completed over 8000 training hours, including over 3000 hours of work with the managerial teams). Experience from about 500 hours of individual coaching, over 6 years of managerial experience.


Agnieszka supports managers in implementing changes in the organization, in coping with inefficiencies in processes and what blocks teams from achieving expected results. Agnieszka helps them to improve their effectiveness and supports them in achieving important goals for the organization. Agnieszka teaches managers to be effective in managing their employees' potential.


Accredited Crisis Coach of the Polish Crisis Intervention and Coaching Society

Sociologist, graduate of Psychology and Coaching at Colegium Civitas in Warsaw. 

Agnieszka has cooperated with, among others: Media Saturn Holding Polska, Kancelaria Prawna Krzysztof Rożko i Wspólnicy, GES Internalional, TS Tronic, GUE Suez, UPC Polska, Poczta Polska, Orlen Group, Egmont Polska, real hypermarket network, -, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Justice, Inland Navigation Office, Government Legislation Center, Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

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