When running a company, we have to face competition, market volatility and meet customer expectations. In addition, it is expected that we will, on an ongoing basis, set internal policies and strategies to keep costs under control and provide the company with a competitive advantage.

After all, every company - regardless of the industry or location, has one specific goal: making money! 
The implementation of this goal requires work on the company's effectiveness, verification of compliance with the set expectations - both within the company and by our contractors.
It is also indispensable to build your advantage on the market by implementing informed purchases or practicing activities ensuring sustainable development of the company.
The key question - how to do it?

There are a number of methods and tools that allow you to increase your production capacity through more efficient use of existing machinery or human resources. I am talking about an approach based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, the Deming cycle and the like.


According to the saying that "an elephant must be eaten piece by piece", WTTA proposes a streamlining model, consisting of one-day workshops, during which we implement only one tool in a selected area of the company. Why only one tool at a time? We stick to the principle that effective implementation of changes requires focusing on small tasks and consistency in their implementation until satisfactory results are achieved. Yes, we support building lasting habits.

We measure the indicators set before and after the changes that will help us illustrate the benefits. After successfully propagating a given tool throughout the company, we implement further tools in the same way.


We offer a short visit to your home, during which we will assess the potential for increased efficiency in your company. Such consultation lasts about 3 hours and is free.


Have we aroused your curiosity enough to invite us for a free consultation?


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To ensure the repeatability of certain activities, in other words processes, we set certain work standards - be it in the form of strict guidelines contained in the procedures, or setting the direction in the form of a code, policy, etc.

Audits are a widely used but underestimated method. Unfortunately, audits are undeservedly notorious. During our audits, we show that an audit does not have to be a negative experience for the company.


WTTA proposes an audit approach focused on identifying weak points of the process, work pattern, i.e. potential for development, and not indicating human errors. Both internal audits, i.e. those that the organization carries out in its own structures, as well as those external - carried out at contractors, are designed to verify compliance with the required way of working, confirming its legitimacy and adequacy in a particular situation.

At WTTA, we accomplish these goals by adjusting the scope of the audit to a specific situation and by creating an atmosphere of cooperation during the audit and during post-audit activities (if they occur), and not through a sense of being controlled.

Another method commonly used for process control is factory production control, i.e. a kind of system consisting of the frequency, scope of control and methodology for sampling and testing.


Are your requirements and requirements met in your company and/or supply chain?

Is the way you work in your company verified for changes in the environment?


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Sometimes, when deciding whether to choose a product or service provider, we are guided by intuition, price, recommendation, and sometimes interesting marketing material. Contrary to appearances, this is a common practice because we are focused on achieving the effect that we care about the most at the moment. As a result, we often neglect the other aspects of purchasing, guided by 5% savings, additional functions (not always needed), other customers of a given company, ignoring the maintenance of quality, timeliness, production capacity, financial stability, costs of change. This is a natural approach and nature cannot be fooled. However, we can establish a way of working that will force the expected actions. 


In this regard, WTTA proposes a Total Cost of Ownership approach that ensures that all risks important to us are taken into account.


Does your company have an informed shopping mechanism?

Has it ever happened that the decision maker focused strongly on a single issue when choosing a supplier or the product itself?


Take the challenge and show us your purchasing process, and we will show you the risks that it brings with you free of charge.



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Has the client ever asked: how are health and safety regulations, human rights in your company observed? Has an accident at work damaged the timeliness of delivery? Or maybe you are observing increased absence of employees due to L4 during holidays or seasonal work?

Sustainable development of the company responds to such issues. You can look after costs and productivity by using solutions that ensure employee involvement and identification with the company. 


Sustainable development is about fighting for costs and efficiency while looking at employees' needs. Sustainable development means communicating company plans to the team, ensuring employees safety in the workplace and maintaining a balance between company plans and employees' private lives.


WTTA proposes an approach to sustainable development issues by incorporating them into the production needs and the company's main goal, i.e. making money. We rely on including company employees in identifying risks and eliminating them. We engage employees to create solutions and development plans, creating a sense of unity with the company, and also shared responsibility for its operation.


One should not forget about the ease of access to information via the Internet and social media, which means that it is no longer enough to comply with legal requirements to be able to meet the requirements of a modern company, because the opinion about the company is created by itself. Contact us and we will prepare a sustainable development plan tailored for your company.



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