We know at least 5 reasons why you should work with us on the effectiveness and efficiency of your teams:
  1. we will point out strengths and weaknesses
  2. we will select tools supporting more efficient work
  3. we will help build better cooperation in a team
  4. we will hsupport you in building a higher motivation
  5. we will help you plan the matching of roles in the team 
-> you will gain the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your team
-> company's profits will increase
-> employee satisfaction will increase
-> workforce rotation and its costs will decrease
-> you will get tips for recruiting future employees
How we do it?


efektynwe szkolenia, WTTA, mazowieckie

Training is one of the most popular forms of employee competence development. Depending on what we want to work on, we can focus more on knowledge or training of practical skills. There are also trainings that will allow you to work on the attitude of its participants.

Whatever the subject is, the key to training is the goal we want to achieve and to select the right tools.


We approach the preparation and conduct of training in a systematic way. We always start by investigating the situation and determining the business objectives that the training is intended to help achieve. On this basis, a tailor-made development plan is created to provide practical solutions. In the course of development activities, we use various working methods that maximally involve the participants and serve to achieve the assumed objectives.


The topics on which we conducted the training included, among others:

  • team building

  • assertiveness and collaborative communication

  • communication and cooperation between departments in the company

  • the pursuit of common objectives

  • self-management in time and work organization

  • developing the competence of internal trainers

  • development of sales skills, customer service, negotiations

  • building business relationships

  • presentations and public speaking...



Tell us what training you are looking for ...


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The low effectiveness of a team often does not result from a lack of knowledge that can be made up for by training. It may be caused by dysfunctions faced by the team: lack of trust between team members or conflicts swept under the carpet. Team coaching - thanks to its impact on each team member, it significantly increases its effectiveness. It is also more profitable for the company in terms of time and finances than individual work with individual employees will require. 


How does coaching affect the work of a team?

  • the team addresses the real challenges it faces

  • independently develops ideas for new solutions, which increases the motivation to implement them

  • during coaching, the team learns to use effective forms of work - team members learn what specific actions are effective, as they support joint work

  • affects the motivation and commitment of team members to achieve the goals set by the company.


Learn more about how to use coaching in the development of your team ...


budowanie zespołu, rekrutacja, onboarding, WTTA, mazowieckie

We support our clients in building teams from the very beginning of this path.

We carefully specify what kind of employee you are looking for - from determining the purpose of the position to be recruited, determining key competences and assistance in choosing recruitment tools, to conducting the selection process of candidates.

We help in recruiting from A to Z.

If you wish, we will also help you to determine and carry out the process of implementation of a new employee.

By working with WTTA recruiters you save your time to find the perfect member of your team and quickly get involved in achieving your goals.

Build your team with us. Learn more...

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